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Global Manufacturing is a Federal Supplier headquartered in Willowbrook, Illinois. We were founded in 1992. Our client base is made up of 100% Federal and State Governments and their agencies. We serve across the United States. Our Customers are from Defense Logistics Agency, Department of Interior, Department of Justice, Environmental Protection Agency, U. S. Air force, U. S. Army Reserve, U. S. Navy and etc. Global Manufacturing electrical team includes registered, degreed professionals skilled in reseller field of both interior and exterior equipment, interior/exterior electrical panels lighting systems, branch circuiting, emergency power systems, conditioned UPS power supply systems with/without generator back-up, both secure and non-secure security and turn-key telecommunications systems, substations, lightning protection systems, fire alarm and detection systems, and cathodic protection.

GMC professionals are familiar and proficient with all of the required needs for your project, such as the NEC, UBC and other numerous building codes, NESC, various NFPA publications, IEEE, and etc. And moreover, the GMC team is exceptionally familiar with all of the applicable federal and military guides and manuals: UFC's, TM's, TG's, MIL HDBK's, and etc. Global Manufacturing offers an diversity of video assessment and surveillance solutions, incorporating technology from the leading CCTV manufacturers such as American Dynamics, Arm Electronics, Bosch Security Systems, Clinton Electronics, Panasonic, Pelco, and Phillips. Our team of security engineering experts can design, and sustain a configuration to fit your detection requirements.

These video assessment and surveillance solutions can include a mix of equipment such as digital video recorders (DVR), triplexors, multiplexors, switches, quads, cameras, and PTZ controllers. In addition to video motion detection, these systems can provide alarm annunciation, immediate visual assessment, and digital recording of pre/post alarm events. In environments where higher security is demanded, Global Manufacturing offers an array of medium and long range components which can provide multiple lines of detection under all climatic and environmental conditions. These forward-looking thermal imaging cameras can detect both people and objects through bad weather, smoke, darkness, and other visual obstructants miles away. Providing clear, high contrast in both day and night environments, these infrared imaging systems can be ground-based or vehicle mounted and can contain PTZ control capabilities for greater coverage.

Global Manufacturing can provide low voltage wiring. Low voltage wiring involves voice, data, and video wiring systems, such as those for telephones, computers and related equipment, intercoms, and fire alarm and security systems. Global Manufacturing also can provide coaxial or fiber optic cable for computers and other telecommunications equipment and electronic controls for industrial equipment.


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