LEGACY ELECTRIC AUTOMATION & COMMUNICATIONS, INC. is a Electrical Contractor and Federal Suplier.
Electrical Contractor, Distributor and Reseller. Video Surveillance, Data, telecommunications systems. Fire alarm and detection systems, Lightning Protection System Supplier. Provide and Install.

Qualifying Factors to work with Legacy Electric A & C, Inc.:

1. Quality 4. Experienced  
  2. Professional 5. Honest and Timely  
  3. Insured and bonded 6. Reasonably priced  
  - Legacy Electric, team of professionals who are familiar and proficient with all of the required codes and guidelines, such as NEC, Underwriters' Laboratories (UL), UBC and other numerous building codes, National Electrical Safety Code, various NFPA publications, IEEE, and etc. And moreover, the Legacy Electric team is exceptionally familiar with all of the applicable federal and military guides and manuals: UFC's, ARMY TM's, ARMY TG's, MIL HDBK's, AF Instructions, MIL-STD's and etc.

- Legacy Electric A & C, Inc. offers an diversity of video assessment and surveillance solutions, incorporating technology from the leading CCTV manufacturers such as American Dynamics, Arm Electronics, Bosch Security Systems, Clinton Electronics, Panasonic, Pelco, and Phillips. Our team of security engineering experts can design, and provide a configuration to fit your detection requirements. .

- If you require an estimate on any of the above needs please take a minute and complete the form on our website, clik on or give us a call at 630 908 7633. We will be pleased to schedule a time to meet you at the job site for a free estimate.

- We are Fully Insured and a Copy of Our Certificate of Insurance can be sent to you Upon Request.

- We can provide any electrical panels, breakers, Motor Control Center, grounding systems, and electrical systems for a variety of purposes including climate control, security surveillance(audio and video), home theaters, networking, phone systems, lighting controls, communications, panels, lighting design, telephone and cable TV, video surveillance, lightning protection system and much more......

- Legacy Electric A & C, Inc. can provide low voltage wiring systems in addition to building wires for electrical system and climate control. Low voltage wiring involves voice, data, and video surveillance wiring systems, such as those for telephones, computers and related equipment, intercoms, and fire alarm and security systems.

- Legacy Electric A & C, Inc. can provide coaxial or fiber optic, cable for computers and other telecommunications equipment and electronic controls for industrial equipment.

- We are experienced resellers with very strong skills in , electrical equipment, electronics, and mechanical to provide a service you deserve from Legacy Electric A & C, Inc.


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